New work at the Nan Miller Gallery

Celebrating the Arts

Art is Music and Music is Art

First Friday open gallery reception:  November 5th 2010   6-9PM

New work opening at the Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester
Nan Miller Gallery
invites you to attend
Celebrating the Arts
3450 Winton Place
Rochester, NY
(585) 292-1430 or
Show through December 1

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A New York Mood

New work is happening with a New York Broadway attitude. As I create these works my happy memories of the many visit to the Big Apple surface. Always on my mind are the great plays and musicals on Broadway. In these tough economical times one has to keep the arts at the front of their agenda. With out art we have no place to get lost in and take refuge from the everyday humdrum of making a living.
Looking forward to a few shows coming up and will keep you posted with dates and details.
Always creative
Never complacent
The line never ends.