Sharing the Creativity: A day in the life of Art: Voiced by Linda Bigness

Hello, I am a working full time artist, painter, with the occasional opportunity to teach art to adults and children from all walks of life.  I never intended to teach art but came upon it unexpectedly through the course of presenting my own work in various venues.  It has been a rewarding and challenging journey to say the least.  Some of my students that I have mentored through the years have gone on to art professions of their own; some painters like myself, others into the world of fashion, design, and art publishing.  Many talented students have passed my way but I am most grateful for the one student who continues to impress me with her amazing voice she has created with paint.  She came to me when she was 14 years old, a beautiful girl with a brilliant smile and wondering eyes.  Sitting in her wheelchair, unable to talk or to reach out and express herself, she was able to tell me with her eyes that she had a love of art and a need to voice her visions with paint.  This is where we began and the journey has been 12 wonderful years of teaching her how to paint without the full use of her hands and arms.  What she had was courage, persistence and the ability to try very hard.  We tried everything.  Her first few paintings, and yes we started right off with the paint, were done with a brush taped to a makeshift headgear we rigged up.  Awkward, but with an unwavering focus she put paint to canvas in brilliant strokes of color and expression.  She was on her way.  Now 12 years later, a beautiful young woman artist wraps her gentle hand around the paintbrush.  I gently hold her elbow to stabilize her arm as she paints and paints her impressionistic visions.  I am in awe and will be forever grateful to her for the wisdom of patience and the gifts of commitment she has given to me through her own colorful voice.


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