Abstract Views of the Real


As an artist, I observe the world through a unique lens relying upon memory, perception, and past experience to interpret reality through the aesthetic of abstraction.

In this body of work, my creative process focused on two distinct images, the man-made and the natural.  The first is the classic American barn in all its various conditions of deterioration to the contemporary efforts to revive its once familiar grandness in our countries’ vast landscape.

The second is realized through the reflection of experiences with an aesthetic sense of time and place.  Our environment is in a constant state of change and will appear differently to those populating our world one hundred years from now.  My purpose is to preserve what I experience when observing our world and to present an aesthetic understanding of the abstract through the manipulation of paint and surface.

Whether it is man-made or part of our natural world, there is a subtle beauty to be found in the deterioration of our environment. As I pass through this world and take in the layers of destruction and renewal, I record what I see and use my creative output to give the world hope and a renewed sense of understanding for what is already a part of our reality.


Collected Works


Sold from the Nan Miller Gallery 12/2010




Sold from the Memorial Art Gallery Store Rochester, NY Dec. 2010
Journey Vessel IV                            sold from the                         Nan Miller Gallery                  Dec. 2010
Sold to collectors from the Nan Miller Gallery Dec. 2010
Journey's End Private Collection

New work at the Nan Miller Gallery

Celebrating the Arts

Art is Music and Music is Art

First Friday open gallery reception:  November 5th 2010   6-9PM

New work opening at the Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester
Nan Miller Gallery
invites you to attend
Celebrating the Arts
3450 Winton Place
Rochester, NY
(585) 292-1430 or info@nanmillergallery.com
Show through December 1

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Artist standing next to her lastest work
Artist standing next to her lastest work


Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY is exhibiting a new show “Contemporary Realism” featuring works of Gallery Artists. The opening reception April 30th was well attended by over 500 enthusiastic patrons. My work is shown here as one of the few abstract artists featured in the show. The exhibit runs through May 3oth. You may visit the gallery located at 3450 Winton Place, Rochester, NY. Phone: 585-292-1430. Ask for Gail or Kristin to be given a personal viewing of my latest work.