“Seeking the Numinous” Juried into National Publication

Update:  “Seeking the Numinous” oil on linen is now in a private collection in Rochester, NY.  Recently it was selected for inclusion in a Literary Magazine:  “The Write Place at the Write Time” Spring Issue.

Nicole M. Bouchard, Member NLAPW


The Write Place at the Write Time


Seeking the Numinous oil on canvas 36x36"
Seeking the Numinous oil on canvas 36×36″

Photo: "Seeking the Numinous" (2013) oil on linen, 36 X 36", juried for inclusion in the National, "Stories We Tell", Catalog Publication; curated by Karen Gutfreund and sponsored by the National Women's Caucus for Art, NYC.

“Seeking the Numinous” (2013) oil on linen, 36 X 36″,  juried for
inclusion in the National, “Stories We Tell”, Catalog Publication;
curated by Karen Gutfreund and sponsored by the National Women’s Caucus
for Art, NYC.

The above work is part of a series, following is a brief statement about the work.

“In creating these works I sought to reveal cultural awareness and meaning as interpreted through the experience of seeing. The abstractness of the paintings invites the viewer to seek meaning within the surface. These abstract works embody the richness and tapestry of displaced cultures crossing borders and intertwining their lives into other lands. Abstraction of color and line embodies the whole rather than singling out one culture from another. By employing abstraction I was able to create a textile appearance with rich color and line to represent the psychological challenges that displaced peoples encounter when entering into unfamiliar surroundings. The textile appearance also represents the importance of clothing to cultural identify. By intermixing universal symbolism through the calligraphic line drawn into the surfaces I strive to create a shared language that symbolizes the strength of these people to survive and continue their lives without losing their inherent culture.”

Linda Bigness (excerpt from Artist Statements and Painting Process) c. 2013

A Covid Moment


My COVID Story
It seems artists are vulnerable to unseen situations that can place them in unusual circumstances. During this pandemic, I was contacted by patrons who wished to purchase artwork to add to their collection. I was thrilled and anxious to accommodate them. Fortunately for me, they had visited my website and picked out works that I had available. It was a unique presentation as I delivered the work to the outside of their home wearing the mandatory mask to make the delivery. I left the works for them to try out with instructions to let me know if they liked any of them to contact me and I would return with my mask on to pick them up. Well, it was the very next day that I heard back from them and they were thrilled with the largest work shown here. They chose a 30 X 30” encaustic with gold and silver leaf that I had framed in a beautiful bronze wood floating frame. This painting they shared was, “perfect for their new home” and I was to pick up the other two outside their home and they would leave a check attached to one of the pieces.
I am excited to now be considered a curbside artist and looking forward to more unusual art placement opportunities. Of course, I am also looking forward to the end of this devastating virus and wish everyone who has suffered from this virus, comfort, and hope for the future. Also, thank you so much to these patrons who saw fit to support the arts during this difficult time.
Linda Bigness
COVID 2019-20

What’s Shaking?

New work on view at the Cazenovia Artisans. This artist’s cooperative is unique in that all of the artists are active in the gallery on a rotating basis seven days a week. My corner features some of my abstract encaustic works reflecting my concern with nature and the environment. I love meeting new people as they come in to see all the exciting work on display. There are many stories to discover at the
Caz. Artisans.InstallationCazArtisans

Encaustic workshop at Studio 245

Fill out the form below for more information: See upcoming workshop description below.


Take an Encaustic Workshop!

Exploring Encaustic with Linda Bigness

All materials, equipment, and instruction provided; $150.  A small materials kit will be available for sale if you wish to take home some supplies.

This is an opportunity for a one-on-one, instruction in the artist’s studio–an unparalleled opportunity to study the encaustic process in the artist’s creative environment.

This one-day, personalized workshop is for beginners or experienced artists. Most participants take home two finished encaustic tiles.


10 am – 5 pm with lunch break following demonstrations.

The workshop is limited to 4 participants.

Call or email me to register for the June 23, 2018 workshop.

Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard accepted or check sent to the following address: Linda Bigness, Studio 245, Delavan Ctr., 509 W. Fayette St., Syracuse, NY 13204

Email: studio245@verizon.net

Phone: 315-491-3346

Seeking the Grape Series at the Quintus Gallery

Seeking the Grape, oil on linen 20 X 60″ was purchased recently by collectors from the

Quintus Gallery Watkins Glen, NY.  This recent series of work takes a frolicking landscape view through the vineyards and farmlands of the Fingerlakes. I am taking from my visual memory all the colors and shapes observed while driving along the beautiful countryside surrounding the lakes. 

More work in the series is being created at my studio in Syracuse, N.Y. Visit my site at http://www.studio245.net to view my latest pieces. It has been quite a journey thus far.


Seeking the Grape, oil on linen, 20 X 60″, L. Bigness 2017